Wednesday, February 29, 2012

James Hogg –Lovely Lady Rock

James Hogg –Lovely Lady Rock/Happy Sad –Regal Zonophone RZ 3054 (1972 UK)

Produced by Chris Thomas, Lovely Lady Rock was the first of three singles released by James Hogg (AKA Robert Ashong) on Regal Zonophone. The song itself depends heavily on its high riff content and the neo-Rockabilly cum Hard Rock/Tough Glam approach. It’s a great hard hitting rocker, although perhaps lacking a chorus as the track is full frontal with no real melodic relief. The B side is another tight rocker very much in a similar vein.

Hear a full version of Lovely Lady Rock


Anonymous said...

Really great track... what on earth is he singing??! thanks for this one... what are his other singles like?

Robin Wills said...

The other singles are great. Only California Blues is a bit too predictable

Anonymous said...

He Was singing words he made up while doing the single ,they go
I wanna tell you people that ime trying to get across
each time i try i lose a lot
you may think im'e crazy when i tell you Gods a shield
but oh my friend ,i think He's very real we can be together come on people wont you try ,and please ,dont ask me why
The demon has a key now ,if he takesa us through distructions doors
we'll never find hope ,anymore
ah you may think ime crazy, seems its always hazy ,
ooh i bet .
cheers Robert Ashong.