Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fist –Lickety Split

Fist –Lickety Split/ The Moon Don’t Shine in Cleveland –Vidicom Records V -13001 (US)

With a name like Fist you could expect a greasy Hard Rock band, but in fact it’s a late Bubblegum tune (well not sure about the year, but probably 69 or early 70s). Sonically it contains all the expected B-Gum ingredients, but the song is pretty much only an extended verse with a chorus at the end. Its brevity is pretty shocking actually, unless it was originally written for a TV ad of something. I am sure it is full of filthy innuendos, but I will allow you to uncover them for yourselves

Hear a full version of Lickety Split


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Rock'n'Roll Overdose said...

This is a great single.

Richard Stabile said...

The recording is Ruppert Holmes backed by Pool-Pah as Fist for the Movie "Forbidden Under Censorship of The King" (cute huh/) also known as "The Flasher". We thought (in our 20 year old "artiste" minds) that it was too bubblegum for the soundtrack album.