Friday, June 10, 2011

Denny Ward –When I Get Home/ Show Me

Denny Ward –When I Get Home/ Show Me –Needles and Pins 2010 (1978 US)

Masterminded by James Page Porrazzo (AKA Jamie LePage founder of Spectropop), Needles and Pins singer Denny Ward released this single under her own name but featuring a heavy cast of LA Powerpop scenesters. Delightfully poised somewhere between mid 60s girl group and late 70s Powerpop, both tracks are superb. When I Get home is the more frantic of the two but retains a Gold Star sheen, with massed handclaps on the beat along with sleigh bells, driving guitars and pounding pianos with great vocals. Show Me is in someways even more remarkable. Written by The Quick’s Steven Hufsteter who features on guitar along with Billy Bizeau, the song is pretty much a masterpiece up there with the best Quick tracks. Taken a slower pace it’s closer to a straight 60s girl group homage  but with total pop sensitivity. Gorgeous –no more, no less...

Hear a full version When I Get Home (note: The track is pressed right into the dead wax, so the ending skips)

Hear a full version of Show Me

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Collin said...

Agreed on all counts and a long-time fave. Rather odd that nothing else was heard from Ms. Ward after this; figured she'd at least have reappeared in some capacity, even if it was awful AOR poodle-rock.

The only other remaining piece of the puzzle is the single previous to this which she cut with Needles & Pins (note the record label name) which included Page and who mined a similar style of pop, albeit in a much more ragged, lo-fi Beach Boys/'Bronze Star' vein.

The winner of the two tracks: