Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boys and Girls Together –Knock Knock

Boys and Girls Together –Knock Knock/Progressive Halavah –Intrepid 75015 (1969 US)
Supremely bouncy and hard knocking at the same time, Knock Knock has a real snarly and tough Punk vocal delivery within its Bubblegum delivery service. Add the fuzz, hammering drums, and the woah woah background vocal and you have all the ingredients for a cult dance floor classic. With a song writing team led by mighty Gary Zekely (Alder Ray, Ragamuffins, Jan & Dean, Yellow Balloon etc...) how could you go wrong!

Thanks to William for the turn on and to Jeremy to finding me a copy

Hear a full version of Knock Knock

Note this is my last review from home for a while, but I will posting again soon on finds from several locations (think West and then MORE West)


Snidely Whiplash said...

This is great, Robin. Any chance you'd be willing to do same with the flipside? Those of us who go for this sort of stuff are dying to find out what a "Progressive Halvah" sounds like!

Robin Wills said...

Oh that single is now stored somewhere under letter B...bit of pain to find, however the next time I get it out, i'll give it a spin and find out...