Thursday, March 31, 2011

Young London –Permissive Paradise (Badfinger/ The Iveys!)

Young London Permissive Paradise –Young London/Permissive Paradise –SFI 31/32H (1969 UK)

This was a free promotional flexi disc put out to promote the Young London –Permissive Paradise book of late 60s swinging London featuring photos by Frank Habicht. Side A is fun listen –with old codgers giving their impromptu insight on youth culture with star appearances from Jonathan King and Emperor Rosko. The B side is a really good fuzzy psych track and it has only recently become clear that The Pleasure Garden was in fact The Iveys moonlighting for the sake of a session fee. The song is not an undiscovered Pete Ham gem, but was written by Jeremy Cox and John Sidey
The things you find when trawling through record fairs bins in the Midlands...

Hear a full version of Permissive Paradise as performed by “The Pleasure Garden” (The Iveys)

Hear a full version of side A


Unknown said...

Nice find there Robin!

Anonymous said...

You probably saw this already, but it's a pretty good web page. Thanks for the cool song!

Jonathan King said...

Well; that's clearly NOT Mike Pasternak (Rosko) but it was me JK though I can't remember doing it - my God, we all sounded so POSH in those days. Fascinating piece of memorabilia - I particularly liked "London is so gay"... never a truer word spoken by a tourist!

Jonathan King