Friday, March 25, 2011

Agnes Strange –Can’t Make My Mind Up

Agnes Strange –Can’t Make My Mind Up/Johnny B. Good –Baal BDN 38048 (1977 UK)
Agnes Strange
was a great Hard Fuzz outfit out of Southampton comprising of Dave Rodwell, Alan Green and John Westwood. Agnes Strange were primarily known for their Strange Flavour LP released on Birdsnest who also released the killer Give Yourself a Chance as a single. Can’t Make My Mind Up is a later non-LP release, and although not as frenetic as the aforementioned single, it still packs a mighty wallop albeit on a more firm yet stomping level. Dig those hand claps....the track is somehow caught in limbo between Hard Boogie, Glam and NWOBHM.
Johnny B. Good is well... Johnny B. Good as you expect it to sound, but delivered in quite excited fashion.

Hear a full version of Can’t Make My Mind Up

Hear a full version of Johnny B. Good


Lou said...

Hey Robin,

I always wondered about these later Baal records.
This song was produced by Jay Shotam of The October Cherries. His brother and Cherries manager Bal Shotam started Baal Records.


cliffsonic said...

Yes Jay & Balram went to London around 1976s. They did recorded a few World hits cover at the time there. he also team up with Peter Diaz on several LPs under BAAL Label