Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Supa Chief –Red Brained Woman

Supa Chief –Red Brained Woman/ Animal Woman –Prince Records P 6920 X (1969 US)

The term Heavy Bonehead was coined for this one! It’s loud, sleazy and dumb, but oh so good. Supa Chief was an Orange County band with Bob DeMalignon on Vocals, the Shattuck brothers (Dan and James) on guitar and drums respectively) along with Mike Carousal (guitar) and Dennis Koker on bass. The lead guitar is masterful and the thudding drums are further nailed to the beat by a gleaming cowbell. The B side Animal Woman sounds exactly as you expect it to –Neanderthal and sublime. Coincidence... or could The Muffs’ Kim Shattuck be a younger sister to the Shattuck Bros?

Hear a full version of Red Brained Woman

Hear a full version of Animal Woman


Andy said...

One of my favorites! Love the "vocal with orchestra" note on the label. Great site Robin!

rp said...

I agree with Andy, these are my favourites on your site so far. I didn't realise glam had a Blue Cheer of its own!

rp said...

It's also on YouTube, posted by a band member it seems:

Daniel Shattuck said...

Funny, at the time we really wanted to look and sound like cavemen. The studio versions of these two songs really don't do the band justice. These were done on state of the art 4 track machines and we were pulling power tubes out of our Fender sponsored Twin Reverbs...

Oh well, Pat Quilter or QSC fame came to my rescue in the late 60s by building me a guitar amp with a MASTER VOLUME KNOB! Wow did that change everything.. Anyway I wish the band had not succumbed to the pressure of being signed to Polygram/EMI.

Daniel Shattuck

Robin Wills said...

Hi Daniel
Thanks for getting in touch, would love to find out more about the band -did you record anything else?