Saturday, February 05, 2011

Skid – I Saw Her Standing There/Endless Sleep

Skid –I Saw Her Standing There/Endless Sleep –Panky 514 (1977 Belgian issue)

Produced and probably created by Tommy Scott (co-writer of I Can Only Give You Everything, producer of Terry (Twinkle) and discover of Lena Zavaroni!), Skid was his attempt at going PUNK whilst probably relying on his 60s leftover connections as performers.
It would be interesting to identify who is on the sleeve of the German issue –any clues? Who is the screeching vocalist?

Of the two tracks I much prefer Endless Sleep with its marked 74 Glam beat, but I Saw Her Standing There is a more obvious choice for this “if you can’t beat ‘em - join them “exercise as covering this Beatles tune was bound to teach the young whippersnappers that Punk was not invented in year 0. The Belgian sleeve is the winner and a classic Faux Punk cover for the masses (well Belgium anyway)

Hear a full version of Endless Sleep

Hear a full version of I Saw Her Standing There


Anonymous said...

Can't see how any of the tracks can be labelled anything other than glam.
Great tracks both, though.

bristolboy said...

UK pressing (sleeveless) is here if anyone want a look

bristolboy said...

oops left off the link

rp said...

Not quite glam, sort of a blend with standard rock & roll and its screamed vocals (not sure what they were there for).

Track 1: Don't bring me down, ELO.

Track 2: Devil gate drive, Suzie Q.

Student Driver said...

Hi there. Do you know the names of any other Skid releases? I am now in love with this band, thanks for sharing.

Purepop said...

Unlikely it was a band, probably a one off...still waiting for more info on this one

bleedingoathband said...

It was a band, one of the vocalists is my dad :)

The "screeching vocalist" is Paul Bennet.

RokketQueen said...

I think the vocalist is my boyfriend's dad

Purepop said...

Hi Both..thanks for the info...If you have the inclination more info from your Dad would be great: line up, other projects around that time etc...THANKS!