Sunday, November 14, 2010

King Harvest –Jumping Jack Flash

King Harvest –Jumping Jack Flash/ Jumping Jack Flash Part 2 –RCA 101922 (1971 Aus)

No, NOT the Dancing In The Moonlight mob, but a bunch of Melbourne Freaks led by a Kiwi singer...The A side is a fine raucous version of JJF with a reptilian slimy vocal and tight/yet loose backing. The guitars start to cook on the A side, but the real guitar freak-out feast is to be found on Jumping Jack Flash Part 2 with killer Wah Wah which pretty much approaches Fun House mode. King Harvest was around long enough to actually release 2 singles, the first being a cover of Wichita Lineman, god knows about that one -the mind boggles...King Harvest were fronted by singer Leo de Castro with Jim Doyle, Duncan McGuire, Mark Kennedy and Steve Yates

Hear a full version of Jumping Jack Flash

Hear a full version of Jumping Jack Flash Part 2

There’s also a fun video clip of Part 1 here: , Cheech Marin anyone?


Mondo said...

Blimey Pt 2's a wah-wah walloper

Ray Oliver said...

I was a member of King Harvest and was at the Studio when it was recorded