Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pax –All The Way To Memphis

Pax –All The Way To Memphis/Baby I Love You –Reca RS 2059 (197? DK)

Let’s stay in the rotten state of Denmark for this one. Tiger, Walkers, Children, Zig Zag Band or Mabel were not alone as I now bring you Pax... Apart from their accents, these bands definitely had something going with their neat and clean hair. Yes they rocked out, but their stylist and a bottle of good conditioner were never far behind. So let’s hear it for Carl Erik Simonsen, Dan Olsen, Jan Ploug, Michael Johansen and Claus Johansen. At first I was hoping that this was going a miss titled cover of Mott’s All The Way From Memphis, or even better an answer song. Well perhaps it is, I’m not too sure, but it’s a straight ahead rockin’ little number spruced up with some Glammy HEYs and those peculiar lo-fi synth beeps... No great production values here though, as we are talking small label, but All The Way To Memphis is a perfunctory rock tune that still fits right in on Purepop...although The Walkers have nothing to really worry about. So -what else is there in ol' DK?

Hear a full version of All The Way To Memphis


duck_stab said...

I deeply regret not buying this when I had the chance. FOOLISH!

Hubba Zoot said...


.... said...

Hey Robin, I know it ain't the ideal place for this, but do you still have the mp3 of "The John Scene" by Tigers On Vaseline after the crash of divshare? I lost it a few computers back and only remember I listened to it like 100 times by last count in Itunes. If anyone else has it to I would make it worth their wile. I'm sure that I have some mp3 layin around that someone needs in return.

THANX all!

Purepop said...

I tell you what. I will have to re-record it, but I will post it along with the other Tigers on Vaseline single I have. The B side of Hot Amsterdam is killer as far as I can remember...will dig it up

.... said...

Can't Wait! Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Would have been very good with a singer without that heavy foreign accent.