Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unknown Acetate: Guitar Love/ Let Me

Unknown Acetate: Guitar Love/ Let Me –EMIDISC (UK 1974?)

It’s total mystery time here, so the hunt is on for any clues. Guitar Love appears to have been the planned A side and is a strange Country/Glam hybrid with an Eli Culbertson-like vocal interspersed with some typical 1974 HEYs. The real killer is the B side Let Me. The Neo Elvis inflections are less present, replaced by more of a Leader of The Gang type delivery with pseudo gregorian chants. The track is a great Fuzz Glam Cruncher reminding me a lot of The Boston Boppers' Did You Get What You Wanted (Could there be an Eddie Seago connection here?). It’s Catchy, loud and Fun with great guitar licks – what more could you want?

Hear a full version of Let Me

Hear a full version of Guitar Love

Thanks to Pooka who has rightfully linked this to the B side of the superlative Off Down The Road by TAG. Guitar Love was written by Brian Keith and Jeff is the TAG version of Guitar Love. Very similar, but slightly different...

Hear a full version of TAG's Guitar Love


Cary Clitter said...

Wow, "Let Me" is awesome, and the sound quality is amazing for an acetate. Thanks for this gem!

Anonymous said...

"LET ME" it's a junkshop Glam Rock GEM!!!
what a shame nobody produced this song!
A M A Z I N G !!!!


kojojojo said...

it was a nice song