Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Divshare Server Failure

More than half the sound files on the site have gone astray...I believe I am not the only blog with this problem (Proudfoot -you also have some sound files missing) . Divshare has been a great service -it's easy to use, storage space is ample and they promise that your files will be "online forever". Plus it's free...

I contacted Divshare Support and this is the reply

"We experienced a server failure which has resulted in the loss of a
small number of files. Currently our recommendation is that affected
users re-upload any files which are missing. Please accept our
apologies for the interruption of service. We are continually working
to improve the DivShare service and have already taken steps to ensure
this does not happen again"

This ticket got a low priority

In my case it is not a "small number of files". By my estimate we are talking about 250 sound files on two Divshare accounts. I only have perhaps 50 of the missing files on my current laptop, which means I would have to re-record 200 singles.
Now it's very incovenient to say the least and I wonder if the files are truly lost. If they simply replaced the hardware, the content should still be there. Is anyone a premium client (ie pays for the service)? Were the files reinstated for these customers?

I would have no issue upgrading to a full account, but can anyone who uses Divshare, please let me know what your situation is and perhaps a more concerted approach could be taken, or perhaps you have set a precedent and your files have been reinstated.



Mondo said...

I haven't lost any files - but this month, and for the first time ever, downloads from my site have hit 90% (90gb) of my allowance. So it could be Divhshares stats are whacked. Although I did notice via my site stats someone from a French site spending almost a full day downloading tunes.

Purepop said...

Sorry to bring bad news, but go back to 2009. Some files are missing including:
The Creation - Biff Bang Pow
The Alan Bown Set - Emergency 999
G. Davis & R. Tyler - Hold On Help Is On The Way
Country Acoustic
Podrophenia 5 - Halloween Special
The Small Faces - The Pig's Trotters
Humble Pie - Wrist Job

Todd Lucas said...

I noticed a few of my divshare files were missing a few weeks back and had to reload them. Not sure if this a part of the same problem but it sure sounds like it.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

Damn, I've lost a few too! Anyway, I doubt I'm the only one willing to email you copies of stuff you've turned me onto.

Anonymous said...

From what I can figure out (as a downloader only) everything posted/uploaded before mid-December 2009 is gone. This goes for all the blogs I've been checking. Goes to show that nothing lasts forever on teh world wide web. It sucks big time, though.

Mondo said...

Bugger. You're right - how far back does missing files go?

Proudfoot Sound said...

...thanks for telling Robin, I´ll check all the files

George said...

why not just share your music and share the files on megaupload. so much better