Friday, August 07, 2009

Ohio Express –That’s The Way a Woman Is

Ohio Express –That’s The Way a Woman Is/Talking ‘Bout You –Hansa 10043 AT (1970 German issue)
Late entry in the Ohio Express franchise. Not sure who was involved in this one, it seems to post date any Graham Gouldman/Strawberry Studios involvement, but came out 3 years before the great Wham Bam (as by Ohio Ltd.).Both tracks are Ritchie Cordell compositions, although The Messengers released the better known version the following year with different song writing credits (Michael Morgan, John Hoier), so it appears that there was some “confusion” over the actual publishing and authorship. That’s The Way a Woman Is truly rocks as a tune and clocking in at just under two minutes, it’s a lean clean Bubblegum machine. Perhaps the Messengers version is more finely realised and amply deserved its hit record status (# 62 in the US and hit in Japan!). Go check that version and GREAT review here: for your own instalment of My version is Better Than Yours...The B side shares more than a similarity with Crimson and Clover and I have included Talking ‘Bout You for your full enjoyment of this double whammy. Nice sleeve too...

Hear a full version of That’s The Way a Woman Is

And Talking ‘Bout You


Low Down Kids said...

I think the writers were actually those Messengers people. At least, they're the unchallenged beneficiaries these days.

Good record. Please can you post a really BAD or, preferably, a really AVERAGE record by The Ohio Express? It'd make me feel better.

Doug said...

Fantastic! I think Travis mentioned this version regarding his Tina and the Total Babes cover a few years back, but up until now, I'd never heard it.

Greg J said...

Wow! This comes as a complete surprise to me. Who am I? The producer and publisher of these two recordings. Both were done by the Messengers, recorded in 1971 in my personal studio in Milwaukee. I have no idea how the master for Talkin 'Bout You ended up being credited to another group, much less where they obtained the copy. If anyone can help me sort this out with additional information it would be appreciated.

Purepop said...

Oh this is really interesting. In fact I have also found out that a German issue on Hansa in 1971 came out by "The Messengers" credited to R. Cordell and produced by Kasenetz Katz..Please get i ntouch via my email on my profile page