Friday, July 03, 2009

Norman Kenway –Black Lady

Norman Kenway –Black Lady/Blackwater Hill –J.J. Records J.J. SP 002 (1974 UK)
Although not sporting the wildest first name in rock, this is the sound of our Norman rattling the cage of his chicken-in-a-basket cabaret world in attempt to join the boot stomping sexually rampant drug induced rock scene of 1974. OK, it’s not that wild, but Black Lady is a nice obscure rockin’ number at the periphery of Junkshop Glam. The B side is interesting too as the guitar also gets a bit fuzzy during an otherwise understated performance.
The single came with an autographed photo signed by “The Kenways”. I assume that Norman is the blond bloke, but who is the peroxide lady and her older male strummer?

Hear a full version of Black Lady

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