Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fancy –Star Lord

Fancy –Star Lord/ Brother John –Sticky STY 3 (1973 UK)

This is NOT the Fancy of Wild Thing near fame, but Nigel Benjamin with this Southend combo 2 years before joining Mott (post The Hoople). The line up also included Bob Banasiak on guitar, Phil Mitchell on bass, and Chris Holibon on drums. Bob Banasiak would join Angel (Good Time Fanny) soon after recording this single. He plays on both sides of Angel’s Little Boy Blue single.
Star Lord is a prime example of anthemic early 70s British rock full of pretty loud guitar heroics courtesy of Bob Banasiak. It’s nothing terribly original, but quite a neat ride all the same throughout its 5 minute+ running time. Brother John is rockier, but never really cuts loose. It’s a tough single to track down as only a few were ever pressed up. Thanks to Just A Buzz for the background information:

Hear a full version of Star Lord


Anonymous said...

Hi! Did you know the title of the B-Side Track ?? Thanx in advance

Anonymous said...

OOPS !! Sorry !! I just saw you have already writing the b-side (brother John) . Anyway thanks in advance for the οpportunitie listen this rarity

Purepop said...

If you really need to hear the B side, send me an email through my profile page

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks a lot for posting that rarity. I've been searching for ANY Nigel Benjamin tracks. Can I get an mp3 of this somewhere - as well as B-side? Huge thanks in advance.

Robin Wills said...

There is a copy for sale here: