Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Zakatek –I Gotcha Now

Zakatek –I Gotcha Now/So Good To You –Bell 1289 (1973 UK)

Zakatek is in fact Lenny Zakatek who later became lead singer with Gonzalez. Here he is as discovered by Linsey De Paul and Dudley Moore!!!! Linsey wrote and produced I Gotcha Now and it features her usual stomping piano motif along with some nice heavy Fuzz, Lenny’s vocals then enter the fray in sand paper mode, before the baroque cellos hit the scene and the track turns into some form of Eurovision version of I Am The Walrus. By the end it sounds like they have a prominent Harmonium part playing bass notes with some surprising oscillating effects on top. Psychedelic Groovy fuzzed-out Glam heaven?..Nearly!

Click on title for a full version of I Gotcha Now


Anonymous said...

Periodically I search to see if I can find anything new about Lenny Zakatek, one of my all-time most admired singers. And this is what I found today! Pure gold! Thanks so much for sharing.

RAM - a fan of Lenny's said...

You want Lenny?! We got Lenny !!!


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"I Gotcha Now" is brilliant! Lenny is ONE powerful vocalist with energy, drive and emotion!

RAM - a huge fan

Purepop said...

You just wait for one of my next reviews: Zakatek -Get Your Gun...Coming soon