Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Singles Up on Ebay


Over the next few weeks I am putting up some spare singles on ebay including some real heavies such as Paul St. John, Bubbles, Spunky Spider and tons more...Also this fabulous German Groovies Slow Death Pic sleeve is already up

Keep checking back and click on the link

This will help to finance another trip to Utrecht and allow me to buy more singles now that the pound has parity with the Euro, so don't hold back!


angelo said...

hi robin, could you tell me more about the acetate version of Karezza
why did you change the running order for the official release and why Time Has Come (aka "song for cyril") was removed of the Bam Caruso issue and available on the spanish one
thank you

Purepop said...

Hi Angelo
Th acetate version you speak of is in fact the Spanish version. Bootleggers like to make things sound more interesting than they actually are.
The Bam Caruso running order came first, I then went back to the master tape to prepare a version for Spain. To make it different I added Steve Robinson's Your Time Has come and used a couple of different mixes )i think Cut& Run and Talking...perhaps one or two others...
All the best