Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rockin' Horse -Julian The Hooligan

Rockin' Horse -Julian The Hooligan/Stayed Out Late Last Night -Philips 6006200 (1971 UK)

Rockin’ Horse were formed by Merseybeat stalwarts Jimmy Campbell (Ex Kirkbys & The 23rd Turn Off) and Billy Kinsley (Ex Merseybeats/Merseys and future Liverpool Express). Their lone album (recently reissued by Revola) revived the melody driven aesthetics of years previous with the LP standing proud next to Badfinger’s output or the Liverpool Echo LP as it is free of the Prog awfulness that permeated so many LPs at the time.
It’s a truly great album and a precursor to the birth of 70s Powerpop as Greg Shaw acknowledged when he re-released Biggest Gossip In Town as the first single on his Voxx label. Julian The Hooligan is one of my favourite tracks on the album and sounds even better as a stand alone single. It certainly beats Oasis hands down in the raspy Lennon vocal department. Top Class!

Note: The top photo is the rather fetching German picture sleeve featuring a Plasticine "Hooligan" which somehow resembles a plastered 1930’s Noddy Holder...

Click on title for a full version of Julian The Hooligan


elka said...

Hi! I've been following your blog off and on for about a year now, it's a consistently amazing resource. I wanted to provide context when I waxed nostalgic for the first time I heard Rockin' Horse so I cited this post. Hope that's ok!

Anonymous said...

The lead singer billy kingsley is my dads uncle and it is really nice to know that people like their band and followed rockin horse, just thought it would be nice to share that with you

Robin Wills said...

Hi could you ask Billy about the single that came out as Atlantis -is it the full Rockin' Horse line-up?

Janin Otwell said...

My father-in-law is Michael Snow. I love this album too! He is very pleased that the album is finally getting noticed so many years later. He has a great memoir where he covers his time in the band & with Jimmy Campbell (Mersey Me!).