Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jeremy Finn - Little Angel Part 1

Jeremy Finn -Little Angel Part 1/ Little Angel Part 2 -Decca FR13675 (1976 UK)

OK, mystery revealed ( to a certain extent). This is the A side to the "mystery" track. There are two other singles that I know of by Jeremy Finn, but those are both in a disco style. Little Angel is pretty neat though, the androgynous vocals make this sound like Milk 'N' Cookies paired up with Wizard in a collision with Teddy Palmer And His Rumble Band, while making a hell of a fuss on the midnight bus.... if you see what I mean.
This is a German production, and by the accent, Jeremy must have been a German citizen, unless he was an ex-pat who had lost his identity and sense of self whilst stranded on the Continent...

Click on title for a full version of Little Angel Part 1


Anonymous said...

Outstanding !
While we wait in vain for the 20 volume " Rubble - The Glam Years " comp series , your blog fulfills our need for a frequent junkshop glam fix !
Thanks for keeping the Junkshop alive .
- Brother Sean

Anonymous said...

What accent do you mean?

He doesn't sound German at all.