Sunday, August 03, 2008

My Version Is Better Than Yours Part 8: Miracles -Oppo vs Anita Garbo

Oppo –Miracles (A Mini Epic)/The Flame-EMI 2451 (1976 UK)

Originally an instrumental used in a (British) Leyland Mini advert filmed in Amsterdam in 1975 (see the clip below), the song was re-recorded by Jeff Boult and Fred Gardner (The Tapes)with added lyrics sung by Angela Allen (Carmen). Not sure if Oppo was an actual band, but Geoff Trickley, James Bradley, G. Hunt, Donald Supner shared the publishing with Jeff Boult. The single version is a bit of a quirky mish-mash reminiscent of Sparks with Art Rock deficiencies…

Anita Garbo –Miracles/ Do It With Me –Poker S643 (1977 NL)

Anita’s version is a much more realised affair. With its rousing string section arranged by an un-credited Jeff Lynne, the track drives along superbly. If anything this version has a heavier Sparks touch to it and was deservedly a hit in Holland in 1977.

Anita Garbo seems to have been of Swedish origin and released at least 2 other singles on Basart/Papillon : Race With The Devil / Mean Mean Mean and Mean Mean Mean / Show the way (written by Boult / Gardner).

Click on title for an edit of both versions of Miracles.

And here's the fun period piece advert... The "band" really looks dated and out of place for '75


Anonymous said...

The song - "Miracles" - sounds like it is channeling Barry Ryan's "Eloise".
Maybe Barry Ryan was the beginning of something?

duck_stab said...

Anita totally wins out for me. Got that one from Jos. It may be one of the most joyous sounds I know. I think she was Lynne's girlfriend at the time? Maybe a kinda Roy Wood/Ayshea thing? In any case, I KNOW FUCKING WOULD!

Anonymous said...

This really rocks for me. Well doen OPPO - we miss you

Anonymous said...

No brainer, Oppo is more dynamic and vital. Anita Garbo Eurotrash production