Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Francis Butler's Sixty-Niners - Flash

Francis Butler's Sixty-Niners -Flash/Back Street Drivin' -Earth ESP 008 (1974 Aus)
Flash is a sublime piece of moronic Colonial Boogie/Glam. I'm sure you'll dig the idiocy of the grunts (and Yippees!!) and the inane repetitiveness which will hammer the hook right into your frontal lobes (and beyond...). You will certainly swoon to the beefy guitar in any case, which is similar to the guitar-slinging found on both Streak singles. A killer song and performance, but perhaps using the name Francis might have limited its demographic appeal...This was the band's last single in any case.
The B side Back Street Drivin' is pure Pub Rock and somehow reminds me of The Solid Senders or a harpless Lew Lewis.
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