Thursday, July 03, 2008

Walkers –Do The Yo-Yo

Walkers –Do The Yo-Yo/ May Beautiful You –Philips 6019122 (1974 DK)

Here's another fine Euro-Stomper by Denmark’s Walkers. Do The Yo-Yo has the mother of all crunching beats but with one of the most simpleton-Bier-keller-Sing-a-long choruses you’ll ever get to hear-it even gives Jackpot (Is Everybody Happy) or Yellow Cat (Sissy) a run for their money! There’s also a strange vary-speed/Pitch change effect near the end, it sounds like someone simply sped up the tape manually at the mastering stage…very weird.

Click on title for a full version of Do The Yo-Yo


duck_stab said...

After 'All Right, All Night,' this is probably the Walkers' best moment. The bubblegum stuff is fun too, but the Neanderthal-handed-a-guitar style of playing displayed here is pretty much undeniable. At least with 'All Right, All Night,' you could close your eyes and kinda visualize the Stones or Free, but with this one, it's just as aberrant and crazed, eyes open or shut. Sort of like peyote.

Anonymous said...

Some great Walkers videos to be found on YouTube, like 'Sha la la la la', 'Strip Tease', 'Little Kitty', 'I do the show just for you' and 'Face the reality'.
best, jos

Perry Gordon said...

Hmmm, Yes absolute a "Very" GLAM recording by the band :-) I find this recording cool and fun - and I think that it make sense to the history of the bands recordings like: "Let's go Let's go - Let's Rock'n'Roll", "Fire" and "Strip Tease". Torben Lendager and Poul Dehnhardt are still active as composers - we all know "Sha-La-La-La-La" world wide hit from 1973 as well. But new hit-records has been done like "Forever Together", Baby Love", and latest "Every Little Move She Makes" and not to forget: "The First To Know" - a superb ballade :-)