Sunday, July 06, 2008

Giorgio –Underdog

Giorgio –Underdog/Watch Yourself –A&M AMS 822 (1971 UK issue)

Let’s stay firmly in mainland Europe for this next single, by the king of Euro-Pop himself –Mr. Giorgio Moroder. Giorgio’s pre-Disco career is just full of these little gems, with Underdog being perhaps at the top of the pile. Here, Giorgio sings and stands up for all the down-trodden (mustachioed or otherwise) guys who not only get shit from the boss man but get laughed at by prostitutes…
The song twists and turns and the arrangement is full blown to say the least. It goes from mad fuzz patterns, to driving string quartets to drum breaks (where the spring reverb is set to overload and the delay full tilt on feedback) along with the usual Chicory Tip analogue keyboard bleeps.
The B side is an incredible garage Punk tirade targeted at those mean men in blue and makes this single a perfect double-sided purchase –go find!

Click on title for a full version of Underdog


Anonymous said...

There's a video of this song:

best, jos

Purepop said... sells? Obviously not!

Anonymous said...

Yep, he looks like he's telling the truth here...that he was really laughed at by prostitutes.

Purepop said...

The again, some can pay a high price for an humiliation service

Kit Curran said...

This rocks. But the only video clip I can find is him performing on Disco. Not much sex in it. Ilja Richter looks a bit excited though.

Jos's vid is a 'malformed URL' I'm afraid :(

Purepop said...

I can assure you that Jos is perfectly formed!

Anonymous said...

do you have the b-side Watch Yourself , please

you have more singles of giorgio????

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

please do you have thes?

Giorgio - London Traffic (1972)
A - London Traffic
B - Everybody Join Hands

Giorgio - The Future Is Past (1972)
A - The Future Is Past
B - Blue Jean Girl

Giorgio - Heaven Helps The Man (1973)
A - Heaven Helps The Man (Who Helps Himself)
B - Sandy

Giorgio's Common Cause - Rock Me To My Soul (1975)
A - Rock Me To My Soul
B - Dark and Deep and Inbetween

MLS (Musicland Set) - Take Five (1976)
A - Take Five
B - Entreprise

Robin Wills said...

Sorry, I don;t have the time or the willingness to go through my collection and rip MP3s of requests. It takes enough time doing 6-7 posts a month!