Thursday, June 05, 2008

Slick Willie –Side Walk Surfing –Skate Boarding

Slick Willie –Side Walk Surfing –Skate Boarding/Slick Willie –Pentagon PENT 4 (1977 UK)

Tying in nicely with Kingsley Abbott’s piece on Skateboarding in the new issue of Record Collector, here’s a cool UK cash-in on the Skateboard Craze that whipped kids into a frenzy of cracking their elbows and dislocating their knees in the mid 70s. Slick Willie is in fact Brian Engel and Martin Briley (God…. they seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment) and the A side is one of the better examples of this sub-genre. It has a mean guitar riff and the catchy track rocks out quite nicely indeed, a bit like Alan Carvell if he had bollocks... Not quite up to the standard set by the Shambles single, but a cool release all the same. Further adventures of Brian and Martin coming soon....

Click on title for a full version of Side Walk Surfing –Skate Boarding

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