Monday, June 02, 2008

Canyon -Top Of The World + More Sound Clips

While going through the darker regions of my hard drive, I came upon this track which is definitely worth hearing in its pure non-edited glory...

Canyon –Top Of The World/Boogie Down Broadway –London HLZ 10500 (1975 UK issue)

Bubblegum Kings Kasenetz-Katz put their clout behind the unique single by Canyon. The approach is similar to Ohio Ltd (Wham Bam), but it is now ’75 and we are moving closer to Ram Jam (Black Betty) territory with this fine hard rockin’ Glam Boogie work out.

Play It Loud and Play It Proud!

Thanks to Tony of Crazee Kids, I have added more sound clips to old posts:

Bubbles (Hurdie Gurdie etc...) 21/06/07
Clutch -10/07/07
Funky Family -11/01/08
Gisela Dressler-20/07/07
Good Time Joe -02/03/08
House Of Lilly -21/11/07
Melody -C'mon On Kids 16/03/08
Memories -Lay It On Me 1/04/08
NQB -13/07/07
Passengers -4/12/07
Remember This -5/09/07
Geoff Britton & The Spitfires-29/03/08
Screemer -They're on Bell Flexi-17/06/07
Shake A Tail Suzy Flexi-15/06/07
Spiv -20/08/07


Anonymous said...

Awesome wham bam country glam song. Thanks for sharing the full versions. Lesser talented diggers/fans appreciate all the effort-Ryan

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great song ,any idea where I could buy this record?
This Top of the list !!!!!

Purepop said...

I shows up on ebay quite often Aso look out for their 2nd single Overloaded...not quite as good though

Walter said...

thanks mate

Mitch said...

Top of the World! I couldn't find this tune anywhere, until now. Thanks!