Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Memories –Lay It On Me

The Memories –Lay It On Me/Did Ya Get It –Rex R11091 (1974)

This is definitely one of the more obscure Junkshop Glam singles…It has all the staple trappings including HEYs, handclaps, a mean Glitter fuzz part and it’s from the right year, but… it doesn’t quite make it to upper echelons of Crunching Glam Corkers, and is in a similar bag as Loco's At The Local Dance (BASF). Still the cartoon voice intro and the Glam-by-numbers arrangement, make this single a nice find and not only because it’s so damn obscure…The B side is also a rocker but in a lighter quasi-Bubblegum mode…Were they perhaps an Irish band???

Click on title for a soundclip of Lay It On Me


Steve said...

I like this one. here's some stuff about the band:

Mr crazeekid said...

Excellent record !!