Monday, April 28, 2008

Hans Van Hemert –Because Of The Cats

Hans Van Hemert –Because Of The Cats/ You Got To Sing Tonight –Philips 6012 324 (1973 NL)

Hans Von Hemert
’s name appears as producer on many choice Dutch Glam era singles including Dump’s incredible Annabelle (or Annabella). He also had quite a few releases under his own name and was pretty popular at the time.
Because Of The Cats is the title song to what appears to be a Dutch Giallo/Slasher movie -Niet Voor De Poesen : A series of rapes are commited by a gang of "untouchable" rich kids. The gang doesn't need to steal as they are all rich. Instead, they hold sadistic quasi-satanic rituals, wreck the houses of other rich people, and rape women. The boys call themselves "The Ravens"; the girls call themselves the "She-Cats." Egged on by the "She-Cats," the boys' activities escalate until they commit a murder...
Musically Because Of The Cats is nailed down by a thumping beat, sports a catchy tune with subtle orchestration and features some choice use of phasing half the way through. A very cool single indeed!

Click on title for a soundclip of Because Of The Cats

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Anonymous said...

Another great find !
“Because of the Cats” is a long-forgotten film, so I was quite suprised to find out recently that my local dvd-rental still stocks a video of it. The rape-scene is very similar to the one in Clockwork Orange but with more brutality and pubic hair ! Funny thing is the director (Fons Rademakers) and the setting are all Dutch but the cast is mostly English (Brian Marshall, Alexandra Stewart, etc ), as is the language spoken. And it also contains a debut cameo by Utrecht’s own Sylvia Kristel, just a year before she became a soft porn star in France with the Emmanuelle series. The film is based on a book with the same title by Nicolas Freeling, from 1963.
Interesting huh ?
Best, Jos