Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Candy –Orang-Utang

Candy –Orang-Utang/ The Rock Comes Back -Pink Elephant PE 22.769X (1973 BE)

This is where I lose any lingering credibility I may have still had...
It looks like Candy were a Belgian aggregation (group would be too sane), and Orang-Utang is well...BLOODY SUPERB, makes Jungle Jim sound like Joy Division. The manic drumming, Farfisa organ and insanely infectious tune put this one right up with the best Monkey songs around...it nestles perfectly next to Douglas (Monkey Song) in any case...

Just download this and play it loud and proud...No shame or guilt, just surrender to its power. The B side is "good" too!

Thanks to J.K for this one

Click on title for a full version of Orang-Utang


45 Revolutions said...

Excellent. I'd take this over The Arctic Monkeys for sure.

('Thanks to J.K.'? Has Purepop been visited by the UK bubblegum King?)

Mr crazeekid said...

Excellent et rigolo ce 45 !! super découverte !