Thursday, March 20, 2008

Derek Paul –Drugtaker

Derek Paul –Drugtaker/Riverboat –Young Blood International YB 1008 (1972 UK)

Lyrically Drugtaker is pretty ineffective as an anti-drug song, however the track is a sumptuous Spectorian Psych/Pop number with an arrangement swamped in echo and incredibly loud timbales that recall Pet SoundsWaiting For The Day. Although it came out in ’72, the sound is pure ‘68, so it could well have been a master that was hanging for a few years that Miki Dallon simply resurrected (as with Kidrock’s Ice Cream Man) for his revamped Young Blood label.

Click below for a soundclip of Drugtaker


duck_stab said...

Yes, yes, very Fading Yellow-ish. Stuck somewhere betwixt Mike Batt and Carole King. THE RUNT WASTELAND!! - this with an added ration of rum.

Anonymous said...

Ultimate soft pop-rock groover, this... Touching, heartfelt, & sooo much more!!! Not 1 for ballads but it ain`t 1, really, is it?! I dig 'er especially after that nxt day or 3 after splatter ... Listen closely & perhaps you`ll prosper... maybe.