Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stumblebunny –Tonite vs Tony Sherman –Tonight

Tonite from Stumblebunny –While You Were Out LP –Mercury 9198 135 (1979 French issue)

Tony Sherman –Tonight/Slippin’ Into Darkness –BASF 05 15455 0 (1974 NL)

The mystery to be cleared up here is how Tony Sherman had a hit on Holland in 1974 (number 11 in the charts) with Chris Robison’s Tonite which I originally thought first appeared on the Stumblebunny EP released in 1977 (see August 9th 2007 posting). Both version are credited to C. Robison and they are definitely the same song. I’ve uploaded a clip of the later 1979 Stumblebunny LP version produced by Richard Gottehrer. All 3 versions make one thing clear –the song is a total classic whichever version you pick.
Chris Robison’s website mentions the possibility of a CD release of the Stumblebunny stuff and it would be great have this stuff out as the album contains other ace Power Pop tunes including Walk Away and Knock’in Around.

Thanks to Jos for pointing out the Tony Sherman release and for sending me a copy!

Click below for edits of Stumblebunny’s Tonite and Tony Sherman’s Tonight


duck_stab said...

This should clear things up:

Circa '73, a stand-alone one-shot single that followed on the heels of his second private-press solo record, 'Man-Child.' ...both it and the first, 'Many Hand Band,' can still be found for cheap if you keep your eyes open.

duck_stab said...

A version of the song also appears on the last Elephant's Memory LP, Angels Forever...though that's one I haven't heard.

powerpop said...

man.. what a cool little story about this song. It's opened up a can of worms and now I gotta track down the Buddah version of this.. sheesh. The Tony Sherman soul version is great also.

Anonymous said...

Last week i sent an e-mail to Chris himself asking him about this thing. And wow, this is his answer; "Hello!--the earliest version was on Budha Records with me singing the lead part- released as chris robison and it got good reviews- then Buddha the company went under--the publisher shopped it to Tony Sherman's gang-- and all they did was to replace my lead vocal with Tony's vocal--
However the rest of the recording remained the same--on which I played electric guitar, organ and harmonica---you can hear Stan Bronstein on Sax (from elephants memory and later w; John Lennon) Stan and I also did the background harmonies 'ahhhs' and 'and you know'. Gary von Sonck is
on Bass and Rick Frank on drums-also both who later played with John Lennon---I suppose you could say John stole my backup band! I only recently got back the publishing rights to my song and there are plans to re release the original Buddha version as an extra track when 'Chris
Robison and his Manyhand Band" is re released out of Australia next
year on a indie label--------go to google-chrisrobison and look up an
interview from a radio show it has more info then U need to know about
me--Cheers! Chris------- also a Ronnie Spector version of Tonite was recorded.

Thanks Chris ! Jos

Anonymous said...

God it would be good to be able to hear the complete Sheridan version. ...

Anonymous said...

Chris Robison, here...So, this is so convoluted--kinda like figuring out who is the real 'Ray's Pizza' in New York. OK here goes: Tonite was recorded and sung by me, Chris Robison, for Buddha records. That version had Rick Frank/Drums, Stan Bronstein/Sax, Gary von Sycoc/Bass, I played Guitar, Organ, and Harmonica. After a good review in Cashbox, the record Co, went under. Bob Reno/publisher took the track to Holland, where my lead vocal was replaced by Tony Sherman's. That was a hit in Europe. Meanwhile I had rejoined Elephants Memory after John Lennon (I DID get to record w/ him and he and Yoko produced one of my songs on the Elephants' album.) In Wales, the later E.M. album: 'Angels Forever', (British Polygram) had yet another version of 'Tonite', with me on lead vocal. The RCA American 'Angels' version switched the vocal on this track to Gary. Then, a band called 'Sticky Fingers' out of South Africa recorded 'Tonite' as a DISCO song (!). Soon thereafter came George McCrea's version on his album, 'Diamond Touch'. After a year stint w/ The New York Dolls, I formed 'Stumblebunny' and included 'Tonite' as one of 4 songs on our self-produced EP on Slip Shod Records. I financed this with money I got recording with Papa John Phillips and Keith Richards. We passed that 45 out like so many frisbees up and down 6th Ave, soon getting a call from Richard Gotherer (Blondie, The Go Gos) which led to the country-ish version with David White on vocal and guitar on our Stumblebunny album version, released and printed in a Dutch and German pressing, with an American single on Mercury. Stumblebunny toured England and Germany with The Hollies in '79. I still get royalties from 33 countries!... Next thing I know, Genya Ravan, (10 Wheel Drive), produced Ronnie Spector's album version of 'Tonite' as a heavy punk/metal song, complete with 'Dead Boys' guitarist on lead guitar. Ronnie told me she opened her live show with 'Tonite' for a year on the road. Now it has come full circle: Guy Blackman/Chapter Music, Australia is re releasing MANY HAND BAND, my album that got me into SO much trouble back in '73. On THIS new CD are 2 bonus tracks, including, that's right: 'Tonite" in the ORIGINAL Buddha version with my vocal back on it!.... I am now patiently waiting, for the U.S./Canadian hit/chart version, yet to be recorded.... Any takers out there? (Makes a nice slow ballad as well)

jakobd63 said...

tony your still the best, all the luck though you. jaap en peter d.

Anonymous said...

Tony Shermans Musik its graet

Anonymous said...

Tony Sherman its the Best