Monday, August 20, 2007

Spiv –Oh You Beautiful Child

Spiv –Oh You Beautiful Child/ Little Girl – Pye 7N 45293 (1973 UK)

Oh You Beautiful Child is a great example of the perfect Glam Cruncher with its slap-back compressed handclaps, cutting lead, catchy hook and exuberant vocals, it’s up there with the best. Little Child starts off like Dear Prudence but then turns into this Radio Birdman/ New Christ styled rocker with the vocalist sounding uncannily like Rob Younger! The single was produced and the A side written by Laurie Marshall - the same guy who was behind Grudge’s When Christine Comes Around/ I’m Gonna Smash Your Face In, Paul St. John (The Flying Saucers Have Landed) and Weeny Bopper (David, Donny And Michael). If anyone knows Laurie I would love to hear from him (email through my profile page). Laurie Marshall also released some Disco stuff, but I’m unsure if it’s the same person.

Oh You Beautiful Child appears on Glitter From The Litter Bin ( Sanctuary CMQCD675)

Click on title for edits of Oh You Beautiful Child and Little Girl


JamesTrash said...

This rules!!! My favourite from those Junk Shop Glam comps along with the Brett Smiley single. Nice to hear the B-side too.

Collin said...

tsk tsk, Robin, you neglect to mention that the raddder than rad b-side is available on the Tremors comp! just cos you went swanning about Malta, don't think you're entitled to hold out on your constituents!!!

Robin Wills said...

Dear voter
I do not own the aforementioned comp. I have never seen it in any shop, although I seem to recall that it contains Hamlett's vampire Man.
Bozo in Gozo
PS: BTW, thanks for blowing my cover. I understand that there may be a music shop in Valleta and I have heard that the owner has some boxes of vinyl in the basement.So If the gems have gone...I'll know who to blame