Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Barry Green –Papa Do

Barry Green –Papa Do/Boomerang –Decca F.13282 (1974 UK)

Barry Green is in fact Barry Blue and both sides of the single were co-written by Rubin (AKA Linsey De Paul). Papa Do is a fun commercial ditty, but with a nice fuzz part and engaging heavy pounding . Lynsey also released the song, but the ultimate killer version can be found on Cardinal Point's LP (Philips) where the performance is a dead ringer for Galahad’s Rocket Summer (Bell)

Click on title for an edit of Papa Do


toppop100 said...

This is one of the few times I'd have to disagree with you, Purepop. Your edited version is long enough to show that the Barry Green version has the better beat. By comparison, the Cardinal Point version just trudges along.

Thanks again for discovering so much amazing music!

Robin Wills said...

maybe maybe, but check out Galahad's Rocket Summer and then play Cardinal's version...