Monday, August 06, 2007

Back From Belgium...

Just got back from a few days days in Brussels and yes, I just happened to stumble across some record shops when I was there... It was nice to see so much vinyl still being sold within a City centre. There was quite a lot of dross to get though and I didn't have the time to go through everything, but a couple of shops had some good stuff that was easy to spot(Jukebox and Collector)
It was a mixed bag but some of the finds included the following in pic sleeves:
Hector -Wired Up/ Bye Bye Bad Days (French )
The Smoke -My Friend Jack
Clique -Superman
Trems -You Can't Touch Sue
Teddy Lane -Do The Rock The Rock 'N' Roll
Milk 'N' Cookies -Little Lost And Innocent (French)
Shakane -Love Machine
Plastic Feet -Big Blond Baby (Belgian pic sleeve different from the Dutch one)
Doc & Prohibition -Generation

Plus a US 4 track EP from Stumblebunny on Slip -Shod Records ( 1977 -2 years before the LP), a Robin Goodfellow UK Demo on Dawn plus more Cardinal Point, Arrows and other pic sleeves


duck_stab said...

yeah, i should warn you that stumblebunny is real fidelity-challenged. supposedly a shoe-string budget affair, 'bad habits' is really the only salvageable track from the lot. hope you didn't break the bank to grab it.

Purepop said...

Tonite sounds fine to these ears...

duck_stab said...

are your ears named mahatma or gandhi because they are very tolerant.

steve said...

That last duck_stab comment deserves a medal!

Purepop said...

My ears may be tolerant, but I have all the social graces of Attila The Hun mixed with the determination of Pol-Pot...I am now going to post the full version of Stumblebunny's Tonite -So decide