Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Harvest Glam: Babe Ruth and Bombadil

Have you ever been to a Harvester before? Harvest is not a label that you would normally associate with Junk Shop Glam, but here are two pretty cool singles worth seeking out

Babe Ruth –Ain’t That Livin’/We Are Holding On –Harvest 5072 (1973 UK)

Ain’t That Livin’ is a crunchy Glamster that sits somewhere between Suzi Quatro and (the Dutch) Heart –The tune is not stupendous, but as one Euro online trader would say: "It has all the 70s GLAM and GLITTER spices we all love” (sic)

Bombadil –Breathless/When The City Sleeps –Harvest 5056 (1972 UK)

Bombadil are in fact Barclay James Harvest but it sounds more like Chicory Tip guesting with T. Rex on a backing track where they couldn’t be bothered to write any lyrics. It has a fine groove with neat Bolanesque guitar and chugs along very nicely indeed. It’s a bit of a mystery how this single came about though…
Click on title for edits of Ain' That Livin' and Breathless

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Velvet Tinmine Radio said...

Ha Ha, the typical No Brains Description....

Well, it looks like I gotta' add two more to my list of 45's I gotta' get eventually.