Friday, March 02, 2007

Union Express –Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix

Union Express –Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix –Decca MO 1365 –(1973 Spanish issue)

Ok, the picture sleeve may be one of the most gloriously garish items in my collection, but be sure to check inside, as the contents are PURE KILLER!
Do You Love Me is a great Glammed up version of The Contours’ hit. Dig the 1-2-3-4 count response to a little bit of soul now….The guitar gets pretty wild at the end and the whole performance sounds like a loose end of session work out with a few handclaps added. If the A side is good, the B side positively verges on the great. Alligator Fix is just one of those brilliant obscure gems that pop up once in a while –Enjoy!

Click on title for edits of Do You Love Me and Alligator Fix


Trudi Tangerine said...

Excellent! Any idea what their other records are like?

Robin Wills said...

Well there are at least 2 more singles prior to this one: Ring a ring a roses and Sugar Honey.
I've no idea what they are like, but I woudl expect them to be more in a commercial Pop vain...Can anyone give a report on these?

Robin Wills said...

I meant vein of course...unless they traveled in a commercial Pop van with nice colourful decals on the way to the audition for that elusive gig on the cruise liner...

Unknown said...

Right on! I think this blows Iron Cross way out of the water. Total pant-suit goodness! And fits in perfectly with my 60s-pop-left-overs = 70s-glam thesis.

Popville said...

Bubblegum MF contains the following Union Express cuts:

Bubblegum MF 16/02 - Union Express - Ring A Ring Of Roses.mp3
Bubblegum MF 17/14-Union Express - Alligator Fix.mp3
Bubblegum MF 18/05 - Union Express - Sugar Honey.mp3
Bubblegum MF 19/17-Union Express - Taking The Road To Freedom.mp3
Bubblegum MF 23/08 Union Express - Wish I Was Home Again.mp3
Bubblegum MF 25/10 Union Express - Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo.mp3
Bubblegum MF 27/07 Union Express - Oh Baby (Don't Make Me Wait).mp3