Thursday, March 01, 2007

Taste –Boys Will Be Boys

Taste –Boys Will Be Boys/Love Ya Babe –Bootleg BL 291 (1976 Australia)

No this isn't Rory’s Power blues trio nor is this a cover of The Fast song. Taste were an Australian outfit who also released an album “Tickle Your Fancy” the same year…Ok, they were probably not the most original band in the World, but Boys Will Be Boys is a fine rock tune with its twin harmony leads, Sparks Keyboard part and vocal reminiscent of Adny Shernoff…in fact the song could nearly pass as an outtake from Manifest Destiny. It seems that their album isn’t much cop, but as singles go, this does the job nicely.

Click below for soundclip


Velvet Tinmine Radio said...

I just got outbid on their LP. Hope it comes around again!

Anonymous said...

one of the greatest of all Aussie singles, of any era!

Love your blog!

Big Ern xxx