Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shambles –Hello Baby

Shambles –Hello Baby/Held Me Spellbound –RCA 2522 (1975 UK)

Shambles were led by ex Mandrake Paddle Steamer singer Brian Engel and their only single is made up of two absolute corkers. Hello Baby is a great hi-energy Power Pop/Glam number that is totally infectious and the B side, the wild and rockin’ Held Me Spellbound is as good if not better than Jook covering Watch Your Step. More than inspired by That’s Alright Mama, Spellbound features 2 blistering lead guitar breaks that will strip your walls bare. Both tracks are wonderfully loud and bright thanks to the great Roy Thomas Baker production.
I am amazed at the number of acts that Brian Engel was involved with: He was in Starbuck (the Do You Like Boys one), Prowler, Liverpool Echo, Limey and others… including a stint with The New Seekers! For more info and full discographies ( a 2nd Starbuck single on Bradleys???!!!) go to the Lyn Paul website:

Click on title for edits of Hello Baby and Held Me Spellbound


Collin said...

Engel also had a hand in the uber-camp, Cockney-tale-of-remembrance, True Adventure's 'Where The Roxy Used To Be.' Have you heard that one? I think it's on Decca. If you thought 'Do You Like Boys' was retarded, your head might hit the ceiling when you hear the Chipmunk backing chorus on True Adventure!

'Though you're nothing much to see, you're Diana Dors to me, so meet me where the Roxy used to be!'

Collin said...

Wow, that a-side is a rocker! I dig the vague chord similarities to Bobby Fuller's 'I Fought The Law' especially.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of posting 'where the roxy used to be' by true adventure. Thanks

Purepop said...

I think that one, or at least its B side is available on another blog, either Proudfoot or Crazy kids Sound...