Sunday, February 11, 2007

Giggles – Just Another Saturday Night

Giggles – Just Another Saturday Night/Bazooka –EMI 2513 (1976 UK)A real surprising find here: Just Another Saturday Night is a cover of the lead track from Canada’s Moonquake’s second album (Star Struck). Not sure how a UK band on a major label, would have caught on to one of Canada’s finest…but in my opinion this version wins out over the original as it’s a top grade Glam/Boogie crossover with enough sound effects and twists and turns to warrant several return visits. The sleeve is a nice touch, bring out your colouring pens!
Giggles had another 3 singles on EMI, before metamorphosing into The Giants (on RCA).
Click below for soundclip


Collin said...

I dunno, maybe Canada seemed the place to go if you was trawling for a hit. Crappy Dutch White-Lion-losers, Mabel, did a version of Thundermug's 'Look In Her Eyes' for a single. ...which, predictably sucked, just like all their other stuff.

...Mabel, not the Mug, who rule out-right and then some!

Velvettinmineradio said...

Robin, was it you that one the other two Giggles 45's a while back? I remember one of 'em was called "Reaching Out", but I can't remember for the life of me the other one. Can ya' Help?

Robin Wills said...

The other Giggles singles I have are: Reaching out, Maria (The enchilada song) and Glad To Be Alive. There may also be another one called Giggle Wiggle????

Anonymous said...

Hello purepop, I'm from Mexico city and i feel that your blog is great and beautiful, because when I listen to samples surprise me to hear rare bands..... and... The link for download the Giggles cover song "Just another saturday night" not available.
could you please send me the song to my mail? is
Thanks for this grat music....greetings from band of México. and long live for rock.
excuse me my english.

Anonymous said...

I am writing the biography of Giggles manager Tom Watkins (with him). We're looking for any info or contacts regarding Giggles.

The full EMI discography was
Giggle Wiggle/For Just One Day (74 unreleased)
Glad To be Live/High School Girls (1975)
Just Another Saturday Night/Bazuka(1976)
Reaching Out/Street Dancer(1977)

Producer/Co-writer Kenny Laguna was an American (Tommy James and the Shondells,Darlene Love, Righteous Brothers) who eventually hit big with Joan Jett. Giggles other producer Brian Wade was later involved in The Munch Bunch!

Anybody out there with any info please don't hesitate to get in touch! Email me at

All Best,

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to mention Maria (the Enchilada Song)/Your Mother Wouldn't Like It (1974)

This was the first single proper after the shelved Giggle Wiggle

Robin Wills said...

Hi The Giggle Wiggle single is also found here on my blog. It should have come out. It was probably their strongest single. Giggles then changed their name to Giants and signed to RCA