Friday, February 09, 2007

My Version Is Better Than Yours Part 4 –Left Side vs Bonnie St. Claire –(Like A) Locomotion

Welcome to a special Dutch edition of My Version Is Better Than Yours! In fact this is a case of Peter Koelewijn versus himself as he produced both versions.

Left Side –(Like A) Locomotion/Mama You Said The Right Words –Philips 6012362 (1973 NL)

For my money this may be my favourite Dutch single of all time. The Left Side original has one the best and catchy production jobs from the 70s. Peter somehow manages to create so much space yet adds so much texture. Listen to how the Leslie guitar morphs into a Fuzz part and groove to the judicious rhythmic use of the Wah Wah. The finale (not included in the edit –sorry) is simply breathtaking as all the parts converge with some strange trippy bleeps thrown in as well. It’s all so simple, but all so right. It’s a work of pure genius.

Bonnie St. Claire –Rocco/ (Like A) Locomotion –Philips 6012546 (1975 NL)

Peter revisits his great song with our Bonnie. Although relegated to the B side, it would have certainly been a better A side. This version is faster and starts off with a straight Get It On riff-off. The Gregorian chants are a nice touch and makes you think of what could have been if Peter had lent his hand to producing Lemming. Bonnie’s performance is great as usual and she was still unaware of the meaning of the number 52 or that she would ever be compared to an Orangutan...

Click below for edits of both songs

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Anonymous said...

Next time in this theatre (well, hopefully..) is Left Side’s version of 'Clap Your hands And Stamp Your Feet', issued only in France in 74. Also. I’m afraid Mr. Wills' mystic last words need a bit of explanation: Bonnie was front page news here in Holland after appearing in a TV programme called The National IQ Test. She ended up lowest with an IQ of only 52, which seems to be just 2 points lower than an orang-utan…God bless her !