Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hector –Wired Up

Hector –Wired Up/Ain’t Got Time –DJM DJS 289 (1973 UK)

For once you can believe the hype: Wired Up is as good as it’s talked up to be and is the perfect introduction to anyone not familiar with Junk Shop Glam. So if you’ve just arrived here by chance-LISTEN TO THE BLOODY CLIP!!! before moving on. Wired Up has it all with its frenetic tempo, crunching sound, blistering guitars and killer hook. The synth part even works as it’s so over the top and I challenge anyone who loves Rock ‘N’ Roll to remain unmoved by this. The B side Ain’t Got Time is another great thumper and would have been a perfect A side for any other band. Their second single Bye Bye Bad Days (reviewed July 09, 2006) is equally brilliant, so it’s a real shame that there’s not an unreleased album lurking in the vaults).

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