Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Revolver –But How I Love It

Revolver –But How I Love It/Down Down –Polydor 2041260 (1974? Germany)

But How I Love It is a delightful slab of Bubblegum Glam with an extremely catchy chorus, wisely repeated within the first minute. It’s a fine understated performance with breathy vocals, a simple Wah Wah part and Bolanish Toytown guitar licks. In fact the chorus really recalls T. Rex and I can guarantee that it will ingrain itself into your brain. You will definitely find yourself humming it after one listen in any case. The track loses it a bit with the middle eight, but the chorus is repeated often enough allowing one to easily overlook any slight flaws. The B side is also good, but in a more obvious mid 70’s rock mode.

The previous edit I uploaded was "mono electronically processed for stereo'" AND out of phase! Click on title to get the full stereo version!


Steve said...

Got a really nice T.Rex to it, I agree! Good find.

Collin said...

Nice un dare. Short and to the point. Unlike my lame-out-palooza interview with Ian North:

andreas wunderlin said...

this german band is still alive!
you can read the full history of the band
greez andreas james