Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Return From Utrecht...

Utrecht Record Fair…Phew!

It really is HUGE and the 6 hours I spent there were not nearly enough to get through it all and I was only checking out singles... It’s a great fair and a definite must for any record nut. Anyhow I picked up over 40 singles between the fair and Amsterdam. Here are some of the finds: Sandwich –Silly Milly, Nimbus –Uriah’s On The Move, Shabby Tiger –Slow Down, Mal Grey & Flight 56 –Look Out For Love, The Arzenboys –Bump My Head, Smoke –Sugarman, Mike Berry –I’m A Rocker, Zipps –Games People Play, Zig Zig Band –Rock &Roll Tonite, Crush –Today’s A Tomorrow, Worth - Don’t Say You Don’t (Vanda &Young), Gasolin’ –Rabaldersraede, Boston Boppers –Did You Get What You Wanted (Spanish Pic Sleeve), Saft –People In Motion, Bearded Lady –Rock Star, Daddy Cool (nice coupling of Hi Honey Ho and Eagle Rock), plus a slew of Lemming, Catapult, Limousine and Bonnie St. Claire singles.
I’ll get back to posting reviews tomorrow probably starting with Revolver But How I Love It

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