Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dump –Baby Baby/Annabelle

Dump –Baby Baby/Annabelle –Fontana 6013061 (1975 French issue)

Dump were a Dutch band from Alkmaar. Formed as The Dallics, following several different line up permutations they changed their name to Dallic Control before ending up as Dump releasing this double whammy Glam Cracker! Baby Baby is based on the kiddy song Alouette, (which explains the Pic cover), but adds heavy boot stomping and ends up sounding somewhat like an unreleased Sisters single. Whereas Baby Baby can irritate due to the repetitive main theme, Annabelle is an absolute corker and totally mad to boot…Starting off with what could be a cool 70’s cop show theme, the track goes completely nuts with phasing, zany backing vocals, a great over production which includes just about everything that could be brought into the studio and a very surprising edit (around the 2:10 mark).They definitely pull it off as the extremely catchy chorus keeps everything together, but you’re still left wondering what exactly hit you… Both songs were written and produced by Piet Souer and Hans Van Hemert who were the head honchos behind countless releases at the time including Mouth & McNeal and Cardinal Point. Hans also produced the first Q 65 album, so pretty Gouda pedigree, nee?

PS: Thanks to Jos for the background info.

Click on title to hear edits of Annabelle and Baby Baby

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Collin said...

Piet Souer and Hans Van Hemert were, of course, also responsible for the success of the utterly wonderful LUV later in the decade and into the 80's.