Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bilbo Baggins –Back Home -Video!

Although they had a awful name and sported the dodgiest flares, Bilbo Baggins still released some fine singles. Back Home is not quite as good as Saturday Night, but I hope you will enjoy the clip.

Normal service will resume around the 28th of December, in the meantime enjoy the mince pies or whatever cooks your goose…

Click on title for the video of Back Home


Anonymous said...

dodgy flares indeed !
needless to say (?) that the original is from golden earring ,1970, also on polydor.

Friday Street said...

Following links to youtube is soooo dangerous. Whole days can pass! At time of writing (28/06/09) there is a link to I Love Rock n Roll by the Arrows which is presumably from their TV series. The half performance video clip reminded me of those Small Faces promos, particularly Get Yourself Together, , and for the time The Arrows seem to have adopted a very "non-flare" dress code!