Sunday, November 12, 2006

Puzzle –Houla /Do You Feel The Pain

Puzzle –Houla/ Do You Feel The Pain –Jam 1 (1972 UK)

Do You Feel The Pain is a 60’s style Garage Punker with a Farfisa or Vox Continental organ to the fore. Again it’s one of those out-of-sync-with-the times releases in the same bag as The One Hit WondersGoodbye” or Just Plain Jones'Crazy Crazy”. Do You Feel The Pain is a bit restrained and doesn’t quite set the world alight, but at least it rocks out more than The Inspiral Carpets! The A side Houla kind of reminds me of The Hombres’ Let It All Hang Out or The Yachts with a little Steam added in. This seems to be the first ever release on Jam and it’s produced by Kaplan Kaye. Expect some more from him soon…

Click on title for snippets of Do You Feel The Pain and Houla


Anonymous said...

Hi, I actually have this on record as I love the track Houla. The only problem is I dont have a record player. Does amnyone know how I can get this track on cd or mp3. Thanks. Lysa

Purepop said...

Hi Lysa
Go to my profile page and send me an email -I'll sort you out with an MP3
All the best

princebuster06 said...

Hi anonymous
My brother in law played the drums on this record and i woyld love to get it for him as he lost his copy. I can let ypu haven mp3 but any chance you would sell the record?

Robin Wills said...

Great drumming! I am afraid I only have 1 copy but it does show up on ebay once in a while
All the best