Monday, November 13, 2006

Granny –Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilemna

Granny –Lady/Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilemna –DJM DJS. 291 (1973 UK)

Lady is an OK rocker in a Free/ Humble Pie sort of way, but It’s the B side where the interest really lies. The title makes you think of an obscure Freakbeat/ Psych number, but as it’s from 1973, we are left with the equivalent: An obscure Glammed up obscurity. The vocals recall Sweet at times and the obligatory handclaps are there, but there is a weirdness in the arrangement and production that envelops the performance ( dig those vary-speeded vocals) and drops the song into some sort of Psych/Glam mish-mash. The poppy chorus is more like a middle 8 and only happens once after the solo, the song then turns into Be Bop A Lula and you’re left wondering what the hell it was all about! Another period curio produced by Kaplan Kaye.

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Trudi Tangerine said...

You're right - even as a B-side this has a strange disregard for structure! All pretty good though...