Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shelby –Motorbike Girl

Shelby –Motorbike Girl/ Cirrus – Vogue 12121 (1975 French issue)

Sometimes it’s safer to stick with an UK issue in a plain sleeve! However if you able to look beyond those 70’s ‘taches, there’s a fine tune lying within. Shelby are better known for their Duane Eddy tribute (Dance With The) Guitar Man that appeared on the Boobs: The Junkshop Glam Discotheque CD last year, but this is, in most ways, a more enjoyable release. It starts off nice and crunchy with handclaps and twangy guitar and crosses into Surf/ Glam territory for the catchy chorus. The high pitched vocals that somewhat spoiled Guitar Man are mostly under control here and although we could have done with a bit more in the motorbike sound effect department, this ends up being a good find.

Click below for soundclip


Steve said...

Even by glam standards, which are pretty low, non-English-speaking bands (and I'm just assuming Shelby are one of them, if only to spare their blushes) didn't half have shitty words. I do realise that Byron etc would've been out-of-place (even in Uriah Heap, he was surplus: discuss) but I mean, really. And Robin, I agree: where are the motorbike noises??

Purepop said...

Afraid to say they were English. It came out on the Route label in the UK, but there are some timid motorbike noises around the 2 minute mark