Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A call for help!

There is one major ingredient missing that would make this blog so much more...SOUNDCLIPS!
Now my CDR machine has recently died and I haven't looked into software and hardware to convert vinyl into soundclips onto my PC (which is getting really past it -always running out of virtual memory). I also don't have anywhere to upload the clips to.

Idea number 1: Is anyone interested in receiving a cassette of songs that have been or are about to be reviewed and convert and upload them somewhere?

Idea number 2: I find a way to make the clips and I would just need somewhere to upload them.

I think I prefer not uploading complete songs but having 1 minute samples as tasters...The real magic is finding vinyl copies of this stuff. I am open to discussion on this matter though.

Please email me with ideas or offers to help

Thanks and all the best

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Lou said...

Hi Robin,

You linked to my Casper Giles McCloud post on my blog. Very cool. Glad to know somebody saw it.

I'd love to help you get Mp3's on your site. There are many ways to do it. Free file hosting is available from places like www.ezarchive.com but that only benefits you if you've already transfered the songs to your computer.

I'd love to help you transfer the tunes from cassette tapes. I'll even host the files for you if you'd like.

Keep up the great work!