Monday, October 02, 2006

Anton –Shot Down In Action

Anton –Shot Down In Action/ Mine All Mine – Spark SRL 1120 (1975 UK)

Shot Down In Action starts in pure buzz saw apocalypse mode with loud fuzz guitar, and pounding drums (much like Indian Dancer). It is an exhilarating intro, that's pure Troggs, but the initial excitement fades as the song pans out. Oh, it’s a pretty good song and performance , but you can’t help feel disappointed as the first few seconds promise so much more. It ends up being a piano based stomper with an intricate arrangement and a funky middle section, and you're left waiting for the guitar to be turned back up and for the pounding toms to return- but they won’t…. The B side is a weak ballad, so time to go back to that intro again!

Click below for soundclip

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Anonymous said...

There's a version of this tune wich were played by women. Is from the same year, 1975. The female vocals I can't figure out, as i listened, though as the Anton version is exactly the same arrangement with male singers. Does any knows it? My email: