Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yellow Bird –Attack Attack

Yellow Bird –Attack Attack/ Right On – Magnet MAG 16 (UK 1974)

Somehow this one hasn’t cropped up yet on any Junkshop Glitter CD comps, but it rings all the right bells and truly delivers with its Eddie Cochran handclapped intro, crunching beat, killer chorus and a wild guitar solo which is nearly on a par with Hector’s Wired Up (DJM). The chorus has a rockin’ Dwight Twilley feel to it, although it sounds like there’s one syllable too many: The meter would surely have been improved by naming the song Shark Attack instead, but they would have missed out cashing in on JAWS by 2 years anyhow... Both tracks are written by Marty Wilde (Kim’s dad) and Peter Shelley (Alvin Stardust).

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Yo Glad the blog is rocking. I have been on my usual byroads, first rejoicing in early KISS, which led onto early 80s pomp rock crud like Journey and Kansas (which former combo really is power pop by other means) and then naturally revisiting The Viletones, whose Dirty Feeling & Possibilities I intend to cover asap. The Dogs song came out well (Terminal State ) and should be out on the comp in the autumn. Then, I got into...The Fall!?! Not your style, I know, but with my Burroughs and bentoutashape electronic yearnings I can't believe I never discovered them before. Mark E Smith is totally barking. Love it. So that is my musical month. Keep up the good work! When do we get the 10,000 word essay on Star Studded Sham???